EC&I 833

Swimming Through Ed Tech … A Summary

After great contemplation, I decided to try PowToon as my presentation tool for my final summary.  I also used audacity to complete the voice recording for PowToon.  While PowToon has its own voice recording available, audacity provides a much clearer sound and better quality.  I will show this presentation tool to my students this week as I think they will love it.

Here’s a brief overview of what I perceived as the pros/cons for PowToon:


  • can create an account for free
  • many ready made templates to choose from or you can start from scratch
  • can import or create your own voice recordings and/or music within it
  • can import your own photos or use what they provide
  • easy to use to navigate each screen and time your recording to the movement of the images
  • can make movies or have slideshow view depending on purpose


  • videos can only be 5:00 long in the free version
  • limited music selection and noticeable jumps when the music loops
  • free version has limited images; must upgrade to use all images
  • higher quality upload requires paid version
  • it can take a very long time if you take a long time making decisions 😉

Anyway, here’s my summary!  Thanks for the journey EC&I 833!

Credits to Neil Postman and Jackie Gerstein in my video.