Oh my overwhelmed brain … TouchCast review

This week I had a hard time deciding what which resources to view and reuse.  Last semester, in EC&I 833 I learned how to use Screencast-o-matic, Powtoon and Audacity during the course of the class. I really enjoyed learning and using all of them and realize that there must be purpose and intentionality in media that I choose as outlined in the reading by Bates.  In discussing which tools we may review this week, Lindy let me know about Edpuzzle, which Carla “wrote” about in her vlog this week.  It seems very cool and user friendly and Carla reviewed it well.  You should read/watch it!

Ultimately, I want to find something to assist with my module on ecosystems and am leaning towards some type of video creation at this point.  So, I decided to look at TouchCast as it was listed as an app that could create news-like video.  However, when I looked into it, it is so much more than that.  TouchCast is a video creation app that markets itself as a TV studio in your hands.

TouchCast is a smart video creation app that is fully browsable and responsive.  You can insert webpages, images, and video Apps (vApps) that can be tapped for a two-way video experience.


  • interactive; students can watch, read or view other elements and never leave the TouchCast
  • wide range of vApps right in TouchCast to insert in the video (maps, polls, twitter feeds, articles, videos)
  • inserted elements can be updated in real time (twitter, polls, etc)
  • green screen feature so that you can alter your surroundings within the video
  • teleprompter feature so that your script can be scrolling for only you to see as you create
  • can annotate within the video (on photos, maps, images, etc.)
  • can use screen as a whiteboard
  • can live stream with up to 12 team members (Can’t even fathom this as my brain is starting to disengage here …); can be in real time or recorded
  • fully shareable

The website has a few solid tutorials that would help beginners (ME!!) out.  Even the tutorials use TouchCast interactivity to teach you – very teachery indeed.  There is an educator’s guide cleverly named Engaging with the YouTube Generation that can be downloaded as a PDF.  It has background info about engaging 21st century learners and how TouchCast does that.  In addition, if you scroll down the PDF, there are TouchCasts made by teachers in different subject areas (although a couple broken links).  If you’re interested in using this tool, I would recommend taking a look at the various teacher created TouchCasts for an idea of how this tool can be used.


  • my withering brain??
  • if you’re not super techy, it may take a lot longer to realize the potential of this tool or may be intimidating to try

Here’s a clip related to a TouchCast in the classroom.  If you watch it, you will know she may be a little out of touch.  What sick teacher would video themselves and wait for an email during the day?? Okay, I will let the sarcasm rest.


Its name – TouchCast  – implies an interactive newscast (or a newscast on drugs which is screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-8-50-16-pmhow I would describe it!).  I think if you start small (for those like me), this could be a very rewarding tool.  Have you tried it?  Will you give it a try?



13 thoughts on “Oh my overwhelmed brain … TouchCast review

  1. Hey Natalie,
    Thank you for your well written review of TouchCast. I will add this to my list of resources to check out. I am interested to hear about how you end up incorporating in your project.


  2. Great review Natalie! I really like the tutorials that you incorporated. I was wondering about green screen and how you use the screen as a whiteboard. I will also bookmark this to my list of helpful resources! 🙂 – Jorie


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  3. This tool has a lot going on and is very intriguing for me. I am definitely going to have to try this out…maybe create something over a weekend. Thanks for sharing this great find!


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