The Final Frontier

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My husband would be appalled at my title for this blog post as I know nothing about science fiction or this film. As such I am probably doing some injustice to the movie; nonetheless, I feel as though I am in the final frontier with regard to our course prototype. Please feel free to comment below if I have offended you (I did link the title to the film.  Does that count for anything?!?) …


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Lindy and I spent a good deal of time putting together the final pieces of our prototype today.  We spent time last week on our course profile and outline assuming that it wouldn’t take a lot of time to put the finishing touches on our unit.  We needed to make a few changes, put together a couple rubrics and then upload everything to google classroom.  Well – wonder of wonders, we experienced some technological glitches.  When Lindy tried to upload her mysimpleshow, it changed the name of her video to something entirely different. What?!?  When we tried to import her PowerPoint, it didn’t transfer sound.  What?!? When we tried to join google classroom as a student, it wouldn’t let us join.  What?!? There wasn’t an option to “make a copy for each student” on the google doc. What?!? Needless to say, the final frontier had a few more pitstops and hair-pulling incidents than anticipated.  I think we’ve ironed out most of the kinks (not the google docs – insert eye roll), but it’s a good reminder not to do things at the last minute with technology.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 4.51.13 PM
Google classroom screenshot

As far as our platform, google classroom has mostly worked well to meet the needs of our students.  I still appreciate its accessibility for both teachers and students as far as viewing, submitting and collaborating on assignments.  However, as I’ve mentioned previously I find the scrolling/stream option a bit limiting – meaning that the last thing you add is published at the top of the screen.  We had to populate our unit in reverse order in order to make it appear in the correct viewing order.  I feel as though google classroom is a bit limited in its organization in this regard.

Overall, I am very pleased to have put so much effort into something that is valuable to me in the classroom.  Having to utilize new tools (explain everything, iMovie, edPuzzle in this module) certainly increases my knowledge as well as my use of different forms of technology in the classroom.  While I’m not sure I would create my own content in the same way (SO MUCH TIME), I do think my interaction with these tools increases the likelihood that I will use them again for myself and my students.  In addition, meeting and working with someone new (Lindy!) is always a great way to learn, build collaboration and create new relationships.

I look forward to viewing and hearing about what my other classmates have put together for their prototypes!



10 thoughts on “The Final Frontier

  1. I find it funny that you were hesitant about the title, because thats what drew me in! I actually included the final frontier in my first blog post title of this class! Using new tech tools can take an awful lot of time, but it’s the only real way to evaluate a tool and see if it’s worthy of making it’s way into the teachers toolbelt of tech tools. Enjoy the feeling of completion!


  2. Sounds like you have been hard at work these last couple weeks! I too have really enjoyed that this project is something that I could take and use in my classroom. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with!

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    1. This is definitely “my” color and I am so glad it’s trendy. My first exposure was back in 1985 when I visited a home in Texas where the entire living room was in tuuqroise…carpet, drapes, etc. It was memorable! I like it for accents and would like to outfit a bathroom in those colors…just need to find the right wallpaper…


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  4. Wow, Natalie! You sure did experience some “technology glitches” …. very frustrating, for sure! Things went relatively smoothly for me … until one of my assignments for my module suddenly wouldn’t open on Canvas – and just gave me an error message. I deleted and redid it which, thankfully, didn’t take too much time, due to Canvas’ simple set up. I will have to check out your module – even if it isn’t assigned to me – as I have yet to do anything with Google Classroom. I’ve also never tried “Explain Everything”. Given that I have NO idea what to do for my summary of learning, I really want to explore a few more useful tools 🙂

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    1. Wacalaykum Assalaam Waraxmatullaahi Wauabakaatrh,Waan ku-faraxnay inay kuu hagaagtay kashaatada oo aad jecleysatay. Waa ku-mahadsan tahay inaad nala socodsiisay. Hadduu Eebbe idmo waan soo gelin doonnaa codsigaada. Qayr badan ayaan Ilaahay kaaga baryaynaa. Mahadsanid.


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