Summary. Of. Learning!!

I find the summary of learning daunting.  Not the summary part – the creation part. The idea must precede the creation and let’s be honest, at this time of year, my creativity wanes; however, I decided I would attempt to capture my “journey” of learning in a song recreation.  I rewrote lyrics, sang and recorded and then created a video to accompany it.  It took WAY TOO LONG, but once again I learned a lot and discovered new tech, tricks and realities along the way (including that the acoustics in a classroom are different than the acoustics in a garage – didn’t think of this – oh well).  As well, I have a new appreciation for video creators, editors, and sound technicians.  Timing is everything!

I used GarageBand to download the song and record the audio.  I never did find the autotune, so what you get is what you get!! That being said, I owe you an apology for my vocal attempt at one of the greats!  I hope you can still appreciate the original.  I used iMovie along with Picmonkey to create the images (I perfectly timed my account to utilize the free 7 day trial – what a teacher move!).   I owe a shout out to google and youtube for being my saving grace as I muddied my way through using this new technology.

Thank you to Alec and Katia for creating an online community, for creating assignments that make sense for our outcomes and for all the support along the way.

Thanks to my classmates for the wisdom, the community, and the inspiration to be a better educator!  I hope to continue interacting with you!

Without further adieu, here is my eci834 summary of learning:


2 thoughts on “Summary. Of. Learning!!

  1. Love your video! Especially that you chose “Don’t stop Believing” by Journey. Our Arts Ed teacher wrote new lyrics for that song for my class to sing at the Winter Concert. It was great!
    You have an amazing voice, did a spectacular job and I enjoyed every moment!


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